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New Jalies!

Three weeks ago I ordered three new Jalie patterns and received my fourth one free! I’d been wanting to order the yoga pant pattern because my Kwik-Sew pattern no longer fits me – how nice to get it as a gift! I love Jalie and thought their three latest top patterns would be nice additions to my collection:


This is just a cute, simple tee with a little something extra. You can never have too many of these patterns in your stash!


Yes, I know we’ve seen this Duro look for a couple of seasons but it’s still in the stores, at least here in Fashion Hell. It’s a style that I really like and did not have a pattern for. I like the fact that there is a version without gathers over the stomach. Lengthened, this would make a super-cute summer dress.


Of course, I am powerless to resist a twist top. I like the center front flounce for a little interest.


These yoga pants are a perennial favorite and I’m happy to add this pattern to my collection.

One pattern that I had no interest in was the Criss-Cross Top, #2787. It just looked like it was trying too hard to be cute and different.


At least that is what I thought until I saw Ann’s version last night! Isn’t this a stunner? Naturally, some of that gorgeous fabric is winging it’s way to me for a dress…yes, I am powerless.

Before you make this, be sure to read Ann’s entire review over at Gorgeous Things. Also, if you haven’t yet, you must check out Ann’s online fabric store: Gorgeous Fabrics. Her fabrics are amazing and the prices are unbelievable. And I’m not just Ann’s friend, I’m a customer too!


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Donna Karan Spring ’08: Serious lust

I already have shirtdress on the brain so imagine my reaction upon seeing this shirtdress from Donna Karan at Saks Fifth Avenue. I am head over heels over this dress! Yeah, I know I’d have to be wear one of those uncomfortable convertible bras but it would be sooo worth it! In my ideal world, Hot Patterns would already be working on a pattern inspired by this dress. In the meantime, I’m going to be working on adapting a commercial pattern.



Available at for $2895.


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Build the outfit #1

As I was getting ready to go out on Saturday night I really wanted to wear these fabulous sandals (which my boyfriend calls stripper shoes – I don’t care, I’ll wear them anyway) and realized that I had only one garment that really went with them – a dress I’d worn last Saturday! How did this happen? So, inspired by Manolo The Shoeblogger’s build the outfit contests I am going to start from the ground up for a change and make a few things to go with the shoes.


My thought is that these are pretty sexy shoes and need something clean, simple and not too bare to keep me from looking like a working girl. What I’ve come up with so far:

Item #1 – White shirtdress: The first one is perfect, the second needs to be a few inches longer



A great pattern to start with is this Threads for Simplicity pattern that I had forgotten was in my stash!


Item #2 – White knee length skirt: LOVE!


Item #3 – White skinny bermuda shorts: LOVE! A definite must-have!


Item #4 – Sundress: the first one would be perfect if it were a few inches longer, the second one has a nice shape but I wouldn’t add the girly details



This forgotten New Look pattern is the perfect base for a sundress! I’ll probably use the strapless version and add tiny spaghetti straps for wearing ease.


Another style that I think is absolutely perfect for these shoes is this Hot Patterns Plain & Simple Iconic Shirtdress. I think this would look fabulous in red because a clingy white knit dress is certainly out of the question!


What do you think? I welcome any and all input!


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ABS at SmartBargains!

I received a sale announcement yesterday from Smart Bargains (and you know how I can’t resist a shoe…) so I thought I’d pop over and see what they had. I was so excited to see that they had one of my favorite shoes, Abagail by Allen Schwartz, for the ridiculous sum of $69.99! I have these in black and absolutely love them. I paid full price and wish I’d checked Smart Bargains first! Yes they are super-high but the wide straps and platform make them quite comfortable. Last night, I wore them out to dinner (they look fabulous with my black/white HP Cosmopolitan Dress!) and then stood in a club for several hours afterwards and never once felt like I needed to sit down. Best of all, they make your feet and legs look incredible! Naturally, at such a great price I HAD to order a pair in beige which will be so useful all summer long.


Also available in chocolate brown, here’s the LINK. I highly recommend joining the Smart Shoppers Club for $9.95/year. You get private sale, clearance and new arrivals notifications and pay only $2.95 shipping on each order.


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