Times, they are a-changing!

Many of you have commented on my lengthy absence – I’m honored that you’ve noticed! :-) Truth be told, I have been working anywhere from 50 to 70 hours per week in our restaurant and trying to squeeze in my embroidery work in there somewhere. I am lucky to sneak a few hours of sleep in, let alone get any sewing done. Sooooo, after ten years, I have made the decision to close my embroidery business. I am just burned out! I know those ads in Sew News and Threads make it sound so fun and easy but, trust me, embroidery is a very competitive business requiring long hours and more physical labor than you’d imagine. I am ready to move on to something else and, happily, I may already have a buyer for my 6-head machine and my customer files. Do you know what this means? It means that I will once again have a few hours a couple of days every week to get back to my beloved sewing!


I have been running my embroidery business out of my converted two-car garage. Once the big machine is gone I’ll be left with a singlehead machine, five industrials and a heat press that absolutely won’t fit into my sewing room. So, I’ve decided to move all of the cabinets and machines from the sewing room out into the garage and allow my son to take over my old sewing room as a den where he can entertain friends away from the rest of the household. It will be awesome to have a huge sewing room where I can leave both cutting tables set up all the time! Unfortunately, there is only one window but I will adjust to that.

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18 responses to “Times, they are a-changing!

  1. Less stress plus a larger sewing area? Sounds like a wonderful plan! In your post you sound like moving on from the embroidery business is a relief so it’s definitely time. Back to sewing for yourself! And maybe put in a second window or a skylight (assuming either works) with some of the money made from selling the machines?

  2. Sue

    Hey Gigi – Life changes. It’s all good. I think you are one to be succesful in whatever you choose. Girl, you have talent!!

    I’ve been following you since I started sewing again in 2004. I met you on Pattern Review.Com – and I’ve been following you since.

    You have inspired me beyond what I felt was my own ability in my own sewing room.

    So keep on inspiring us, and sew your heart out! I can’t wait to see what projects you take on in the near future.

    Best to you and your family….and I’m stayin’ tuned girl……..

    Hugs, Sue

  3. Hey, Gigi, welcome back, I sure missed you blogging. Hope you have more time now for you and sewing beautiful things.

  4. Such wonderful news, Gigi! What an exciting move for you … I can only imagine that big of a room to sew in. It is a neat twist that you are letting your son have the old sewing room. Stereotype is that we take the kids room for sewing rooms!

  5. Awesome, Gigi. Can’t wait to see what inspirations you put forth from your new, expanded sewing space.

  6. I have never seen commercial sewing machines….oh my!

  7. ooops, I should say, commercial embroidery machines.

  8. I’m so glad to read this post, Gigi. I do hope the sale goes through quickly, well and smoothly. It will be great to have a nice big sewing room, too. Somehow the space will find a way to be filled to capacity very soon and you may wonder how it all fit into the extra bedroom in the first place!

  9. Els

    Welcome back Gigi, hope the moving to your new sewing studio will go as smooth and fast as you want. No need to worry about that large space it will soon be filled with all your new sewing goodies.

  10. Woo hoo! Gigi, we have missed you girl. I’m totally jealous. You have a garage and a sewing studio? And it’s wonderful that you are leaving a business that has become a drudge and freeing up time to do what you love!

  11. Oooooohhhh …. I look forward to seeing your new sewing studio (hope you post pics!) When I Google “industrial sewing machine”, I find you!
    And, did you know you (and Gorgeous Ann) enabled me?
    Yep, I bought a total hot rod Juki DDL5550.
    I am also not blogging much due to work, but I’ll post when I get my baby home and running.
    Congratulations to you on making an important life decision and all the best wishes in making a smooth transition.

  12. Robyn

    Thinking good thoughts for you, Gigi! Here’s to fair skies and calm seas ahead!

  13. katharinec

    Amen, Robyn. I know how you feel, Gigi.

  14. katharinec

    Want to add that the Chinese character for ‘change’ is composed of two symbols–that of something like ‘danger’ (but not so harsh) and ‘opportunity’

  15. Meredith P

    Gigi, So glad we’ll be hearing more from you. And if it’s time to lose the embroidery business, so be it. I’m glad that you can move on. I too, would love to see pictures once you rearrange the “garage”.

  16. OP Gal

    Yea! More blogging from Gigi! I’m sorry you’ve been so overworked and finally burned out, but it’s good that you’ll have more time to pursue your passion–sewing. I look forward to reading your blog and once again learning from you. Welcome back.

  17. Congratulations on your decision. I wish I could find a way to cut back on my work hours – it really cuts into my sewing time!

  18. Karla

    I think you’re to be congratulated for creating the embroidery business, running it successfully – and for getting out when the time was right. I’m glad I have that PR Weekend tote bag that you embroidered for everyone a couple of years ago; now it will be a collector’s item, right? ;-) Enjoy the new space and (a little) more time.