This-and-that for Friday

The other night at dinner, my BFF The Queen, her husband and I were discussing silly patents. I was telling them about the ridiculous things one could find on the US Patents and Trademarks site. While I was talking, Mr. Queen (I don’t call him The King because that was my Tigger’s nickname), who is quite artistic, came up with an invention of his own. Nicely drawn out on top of my to-go box. I never did finish the rest of that dinner but couldn’t toss out the box without taking a photograph. And, no, he couldn’t quite convince anyone that this idea would fly. ;-)


If I ever decide to go into business producing GOATS, he will be my go-to guy!

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3 responses to “This-and-that for Friday

  1. Hello, We would like to feature your blog in our newsletter but I can’t find a name or email for you. Would youmind emailing me?

  2. That’s too funny. Dr. Pepperoni!!! Did you know that there’s a company that puts out turkey and gravy flavored soda each fall? I think it’s Jones Soda. Yuck…I’m not daring enough to taste it. At least, not since it’s a little pricey!

  3. Too great! Before she graduated, one of my friends was the queen of finding the worst, most tacky Christmas gift ever. I’m pretty competative so one year I got her the Jones Soda Holiday pack with (yep) turkey, gravy, cranberry, stuffing, brussel sprouts, and pumpkin pie sodas. That was the only year I ever managed to “beat” her. :) However I think that Dr. Pepperoni would be the topper. Love the illustration!