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Times, they are a-changing!

Many of you have commented on my lengthy absence – I’m honored that you’ve noticed! :-) Truth be told, I have been working anywhere from 50 to 70 hours per week in our restaurant and trying to squeeze in my embroidery work in there somewhere. I am lucky to sneak a few hours of sleep in, let alone get any sewing done. Sooooo, after ten years, I have made the decision to close my embroidery business. I am just burned out! I know those ads in Sew News and Threads make it sound so fun and easy but, trust me, embroidery is a very competitive business requiring long hours and more physical labor than you’d imagine. I am ready to move on to something else and, happily, I may already have a buyer for my 6-head machine and my customer files. Do you know what this means? It means that I will once again have a few hours a couple of days every week to get back to my beloved sewing!


I have been running my embroidery business out of my converted two-car garage. Once the big machine is gone I’ll be left with a singlehead machine, five industrials and a heat press that absolutely won’t fit into my sewing room. So, I’ve decided to move all of the cabinets and machines from the sewing room out into the garage and allow my son to take over my old sewing room as a den where he can entertain friends away from the rest of the household. It will be awesome to have a huge sewing room where I can leave both cutting tables set up all the time! Unfortunately, there is only one window but I will adjust to that.


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Not quite The Tim but…

Your Vocabulary Score: A

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.

I’m still pretty proud since English is not my first language!


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This-and-that for Friday

The other night at dinner, my BFF The Queen, her husband and I were discussing silly patents. I was telling them about the ridiculous things one could find on the US Patents and Trademarks site. While I was talking, Mr. Queen (I don’t call him The King because that was my Tigger’s nickname), who is quite artistic, came up with an invention of his own. Nicely drawn out on top of my to-go box. I never did finish the rest of that dinner but couldn’t toss out the box without taking a photograph. And, no, he couldn’t quite convince anyone that this idea would fly. ;-)


If I ever decide to go into business producing GOATS, he will be my go-to guy!


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American Fashion by Charlie Scheips

Sigh, here’s yet another book that I want to add to my collection. I am a sucker for this type of book and no matter how many I already own I can’t seem to stop! I mean, MY GAWD, look at those photos on the cover – they are just begging me to add this to my cart…

American Fashion

Happily, it’s only $31.50 (regularly $50) from Amazon.

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