No more taping!

Run, don’t walk, to the Hot Patterns Ebay Store and get your copies of the Limited Edition LaRue and Nairobi bags! I printed and taped together the Nairobi pattern last year but never got to the LaRue because I am a knucklehead when it comes to having the correct printer settings – the size just seemed off to me so that’s as far as I got. So, I just bought both so that I could add the *real* patterns to my collection. There are only a few copies left of these limited editions so you’d better hurry if you want one!



You should also check out some of the *gorgeous* fabrics that Trudy picked up on her trip to the Orient. Come on, ladies, join me – add to the stash!

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4 responses to “No more taping!

  1. Karla

    Your blog entry pushed me over the edge. I was convinced I was happy with my loving-hands-at-home-taped-together versions until you urged me to buy The Real Thing. I’m telling myself that I just acquired collector’s items of the future, so this was an investment….right?

  2. Karla

    There. I got mine today. I hope you’re happy….;-)

  3. Marilyn

    Does anyone have a copy of the La Rue pattern that they’d like to part with?

  4. Marilyn

    If willing to part with La Rue pattern please email ravnone@GRANTSBURGTELCOM.NET