Ooh La La!

No sewing going on here, I’m afraid. I am just swamped with work! But, I thought I’d give you all a little bit of eye candy today. :-) My darling son just returned from a trip to Newport Beach and Las Vegas. I asked him to bring me a souvenir from Paris to which he responded that he had already bought me something much, much better at the Bellagio. Talk about an understatement! Check these out:



Are they not absolutely gorgeous? Oh, how I love a slingback! I am in shock that my 19 year old would spend his own hard-earned money to buy me such a wonderfully extravagant gift! Good heavens, I was expecting a t-shirt! I will wear these until they are nothing more than a thread. The Manolo, he would approve, yes?

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31 responses to “Ooh La La!

  1. Summerset


  2. Wow, those are gorgeous shoes! What an incredibly thoughtful son, who has definitely inherited his mother’s good taste.

  3. Els

    Enjoy the marvelous gift from your son, you deserve to be spoiled.

  4. What a great son you have! Those are truly showstoppers!

  5. Gorgeous, what a thoughtful gift!!

  6. Ann

    What a wonderful, thoughtful gift from a wonderful and thoughtful young man. Enjoy them both.

  7. MarilynB

    Holy cow, I would be happy just to own the bag. Your son is truly a treasure. Make him his favorite cookies!

  8. Awesome! What a sweet, thoughtful boy. Glad to see you back on the blog.

  9. Sally

    I must repeat the above comments. Your son and the shoes are both treasures. What a thoughtful gift! I’d almost be afraid to wear them. And, Lori’s right, your son inherited your good taste.

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  11. 1969

    What a special gift from your son!!!! Fabulous.

  12. What a great son! What a great gift! Ummm what will you wear these wonderful shoes with?

  13. What a great gift. Mwah to your son! Wear them with extra special pride (for the shoes and your great kid).

    Also kudos for making it onto Manolo’s Thursday Miscellany!

  14. This is not a joke, right??? How unbelieveably, unspeakably, inestimably wonderful. I’d still be pinching myself :) Where to now, they can’t sit at home!!!

  15. Let me see…what was the last thing my 19 year old son gave me…

    I’m thinking! I’m thinking!

    Beautiful. (And on *Manolo*, too!)

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  17. What a nice thing to do! You’ve raised him well. :)

  18. When I grow up, I want a son just like yours. He has impeccable taste, too.

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  20. Linda

    Sooooo elegant! Congratulations “Mom;” I have a four-year old son and am always conscious of the fact that I am responsible for teaching him to be a gentleman, to present himself well, and to treat people nicely. “You” did a great job!!

  21. OP Gal

    Rats! I forgot to teach my son to buy me expensive shoes. Too late for me, but obviously not for you. What a wonderful gift and what a wonderful son. Enjoy!

  22. Holy Moly – I’m speechless!

  23. Wow! I’m so jealous! I have to teach my boys to be so considerate of their mom!

    Enjoy your wonderful shoes, darling. You’ll be fabulous!

  24. Wow! How very nice of him. What a great looking pair of shoes! I am envious.

  25. Quite a fantastic souvenir indeed! Not only did he think of you, he knew what size to get. What a great son.

  26. domestichaven

    those are fantastic, I would sleep in them if they were mine, jog in them, clean hous ein them, you could not pry them off my feet..lol

  27. Judy Williment

    And 19 year old boys the world over are cursing his name as their ASTONISHED mothers show them your post and say “See what this amazing boy bought for HIS mother!” Those shoes are incredible!

    Do you give parenting lessons?

  28. A guy

    What an incredible risk he took as well. He needed to scout out your exact shoe size and do a little research so he would select the right size.Second the style. Looks like he aced it with his selection.

    What an incredibly thoughtful thing for him to think of let alone execute.

  29. dianabobar

    they are AMAZING!!!

  30. I’m so jealous. Hopefully when I have kids I can skip the whole terrible 2 phase and just go straight to the buy-momma-lots-of-couture phase. =) j/k I’m sure you’ll smile everytime you put these on.