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The Queen’s Birthday!

One of my very bets friends, The Queen, has just turned 50! And, some horrible person gifted her with an official Red Hat Society ensemble! No, it wasn’t me because I know she would get me back when my birthday rolls around. ;-) We had been planning the big birthday bash since February – now that it’s all over I am that much closer to getting back into the sewing room!


So, Happy Birthday to one of the most loyal, funny, smart, loving and generous friends anyone could have – mwah!


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Ooh La La!

No sewing going on here, I’m afraid. I am just swamped with work! But, I thought I’d give you all a little bit of eye candy today. :-) My darling son just returned from a trip to Newport Beach and Las Vegas. I asked him to bring me a souvenir from Paris to which he responded that he had already bought me something much, much better at the Bellagio. Talk about an understatement! Check these out:



Are they not absolutely gorgeous? Oh, how I love a slingback! I am in shock that my 19 year old would spend his own hard-earned money to buy me such a wonderfully extravagant gift! Good heavens, I was expecting a t-shirt! I will wear these until they are nothing more than a thread. The Manolo, he would approve, yes?


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