Make it work!

Tim GUnn

I spent a relaxing evening last night reading Tim’s new book A Guide To Quality Taste & Style. I found it nothing less than delightful and full of practical style advice including how to carry oneself well. Tim has a way of being amusing without ever really trying to be. There were some passages in the book which made me laugh out loud! A couple of examples:

From the chapter entitled Diagnosing The Common Closet:

“Perhaps you like to torture yourself by trying on some jeans from a few years ago to see if you can button them. Clothes do not exist to humiliate their owners. Please do not force garments into performing psychological tasks for which they were not designed.”

and from Let’s Go Shopping At Last!:

“Because technology does a fine job of protecting us from the more extreme vagaries of our environment, you might ask, why not wear voile on Thanksgiving? Well, because then life is one long stretch of endless voile-wearing and, really, who wants that?”

Now, if only I could figure out how to have him sign my book, sigh.

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7 responses to “Make it work!

  1. Gigi, there is a link over at Rungay that has all the signing opportunities … maybe he will make it down your way?

  2. My nice postman brought my copy from Amazon to me the day before my taxes were due. I read 5 pages and sat down and made my taxes work (sort of). Looking forward to the rest of it!

  3. I rushed over and put this on hold at the library. I checked out a book on personal style a few months ago, but it was pretty crummy. I’d love more recommendations of this type!

  4. Hi, Gigi, I’m one of your off and on again readers – a fan, I guess. I’ve nominated you for a Thinking Blogger Award because your blog makes me think. Please read my April 18 post – it’s linked to the award site so you can tag five blogs in turn.

  5. OP Gal

    I love the way the quotes from the book sound just like Tim Gunn talking. He’s so buttoned down, I just love it! I’ll have to put this one on my Amazon wish list.

  6. Gigi, need some advice about HP Weekender Sunshine Top. Please email me at so I get you email to ask a few questions. Thanks much.

  7. I have a review on my blog also. I liked the book so much I read it all in one night. I also immediately bought one for my friend’s birthday. I especially like that he is talking to regular women, not fashionistas, models, or celebrities.