Does it count if I used my sewing skills?

Sadly, there has been no sewing this weekend as I was bound and determined to get my backsplash tile installed. I’ve had the tile for about a month already and had promised my husband last week that I would hire someone to do the job. But, true to form, I dropped him and my son off at the airport yesterday morning (father/son ski trip) and headed right to Home Depot. This is my first real tile job and I was surprised at how easy it was. Of course, I think we sewers have an advantage because we are good at measuring and fitting things together. The wet saw made me a tiny bit nervous at first but I quickly got the hang of it. As you can see, I had a lot of cuts to make – I only made one error! I guess we sewers are so used to analyzing the pieces of the puzzle, so to speak, that this was a piece of cake.

Today, I will seal the tile and tomorrow I’ll grout (ugh). Then I just have to seal again and reinstall the crown moulding at the tops of the cabinets before having the hood installed (that’s the wiring you see in the photo). I’ll work on the Cha Cha Cha Dress this evening if I’m not too tired.


I really need to improve the view outside my kitchen window!


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13 responses to “Does it count if I used my sewing skills?

  1. I’m a newbie here and I think your backsplash looks great! I wish I had the courage to tackle tiling. And your view is way better than mine! Okay back to reading your blog, take care.

  2. Wow, that backsplash looks great – I’m impressed with your tile skills!

  3. I think you did a great job. Think of all the money you saved by doing it yourself that you can now spend on fabric!!! And you know it’s done right. g

  4. Els

    Great DIY job Gigi, another skill which can be added to your talent list.

  5. It definitely counts! A sewing machine is just another power tool and lumber is just really thick fabric. The skills are seriously very similar but don’t that to a contractor. ;-) Your tile looks great!

  6. cidell

    I have tiled too and it did not look as great as yours does!

  7. Alathia

    Wow, very impressive. I really want to know what color your cabinets are?

  8. Summerset

    Nice – really lovely and the money you saved can buy more fabric! At least you have green plants outside your window, and not another snowstorm like I have here!

  9. Nice job … so, when ar eyou coming north to do mine? LOL!

  10. Thank you all for your nice comments! I grouted behind the stove today – grouting tumbled marble is now on my list of the Top 10 Worst DIY Projects. Alathia, the color of my cabinets is Benjamin Moore Brown Horse.

  11. OP Gal

    Is there no end to your talents? Seriously, your tile cutting skills are on a par with your sewing skills. Great job. Your kitchen looks marvelous!

  12. Your kitchen looks great. You did a great job.

  13. That tile job looks fabulous. I’ve been waiting for my dad to come visit to do ours – maybe I should just tackle it myself. You’ve given me courage to think about it anyway