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Neue Mode 23258

Another project nearly completed – I just have to sew the hems! Yes, I am hooked on twist tops! This is Neue Mode 23258 made up in a rayon/lycra print from Lucy’s Fabrics.

Neue Mode 23258


I made this in a size 36 and it fits pretty well but I think I’ll go down to a 34 for my next one. My bra shows through the opening underneath the twist so I am either going to sew it closed or back it with a piece of nude fabric.


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Hey, I’m unstuck!

I just finished Butterick 4986 in a beautiful plum rayon crepe from Textile Studios. This was really easy to put together. I made a straight 8 and only had to shorten it (probably because of the bias cut) and make my usual forward shoulder alteration. The pattern has the lower front on the straight of grain so the area below the twist hung strangely and pulled a bit in my test garment. Slightly changing the grain made it look much better.

I am still on the fence about whether or not this is a flattering style for me. Because the twist is low it tends to minimize the chest and give you a nice little lump right over the tummy. I wore it the other day and my husband thought it was meh but I’ll probably let it hang around awhile just to be sure. Hey, at least I’m sewing!

Butterick 4986 plum rayon

Butterick 4986

I also altered my Kwik-Sew twist top and sewed it up in a black rayon/lycra print.

Now I’m working on the new Simplicity 3800 Threads twist top in the short-sleeved version. It should be done today. On the cutting block we have another Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan Dress, a Burda WOF top and an eyelet wrap dress. Yeah, I know, a lot of quick and easy sewing but summer is coming and I need clothes fast. Of course, I will drop everything once the new Hot Patterns arrive!

Simplicity 3800

I had really big sewing plans for this past Sunday. So what do I do? I drive over to Ft. Myers to watch the Marlins and Red Sox play. It was a really fun day and I managed to not get sunburned.

Red Sox Spring Training

Hmmm, I must figure out how to get larger photos and how to center them…


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I’m stuck!

This happens to me each and every year at this time. I work crazy, crazy hours from Christmas until the end of February and sewing becomes a far-off dream. This year I have really been looking forward to getting back to my sewing more than usual as I’ve lost about 25 pounds since Thanksgiving and my clothes look a little ridiculous on me. I want to show off my new svelte shape, for heaven’s sake! I’ve managed to buy a few pairs of jeans and stitched up a dress and a top but I need more CLOTHES and lots of them! I want to SEW! I have FABRIC! I have PATTERNS! I have every NOTION I could possibly need! Why can’t I get started? Is it the fact that I can’t pull out a tried-and-true pattern and just whip something up? Maybe that’s my trouble this year as that is where I usually begin to ease myself back into it. Now I have to retrace and alter my patterns all over again, sigh. Maybe I will just trace one pattern first thing tomorrow morning and pick out some fabric so that I’ll be ready to go the next time I have a few hours free. Honestly, I’m really annoying myself here.

Tell me, what do YOU do when you get stuck?


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