Whatever happened to Andrae?

I was taking a quick break from work this evening and tuned into How Do I Look? on Style. Imagine my delight when I realized that Andrae Gonzalo (of Project Runway season 2 fame) was the guest stylist! Isn’t he as adorable as ever??? I wonder if he’s been to Red Lobster lately?

Andrae Gonzalo

How DO those PRGayboys get such great screen shots? I’m an amateur, this is the best I could do. ;-)

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4 responses to “Whatever happened to Andrae?

  1. Susan C

    I saw this too! Actually my son recognized him. If he hadn’t pointed it out, I wouldn’t have made the connection. I think Andre looked more attractive without hair.

  2. Susan C

    I should have added that Andre was his usual adorable self though. Also, guess who else was on the same show the other night? Karason. I’m not sure if I spelled that right. But she was the professional stylist. And she did a GREAT job.

  3. A new look for Andrae and new look for “Behind the Seams” too … great to see you back online, Gigi!

  4. Oh Andre! I saw a “How Do I Look” with Kara Saun as the guest stylist. She has quite the attitude, but did an excellent job.