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Whatever happened to Andrae?

I was taking a quick break from work this evening and tuned into How Do I Look? on Style. Imagine my delight when I realized that Andrae Gonzalo (of Project Runway season 2 fame) was the guest stylist! Isn’t he as adorable as ever??? I wonder if he’s been to Red Lobster lately?

Andrae Gonzalo

How DO those PRGayboys get such great screen shots? I’m an amateur, this is the best I could do. ;-)


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Heavy Metal

One sure-fire way to make me squeal with delight is to take me to a store full of designer-worthy handbag hardware! Diva Phyllis, Diva Ann and I scoured the bins at Pacific Trimmings at 218 West 38th Street in Manhattan, not once but two days in a row! I LOVE their inventory and the owners and staff are nothing short of delightful! They also carry Riri zippers and will shorten or otherwise modify zippers while you wait. Phyllis had a separating zipper modified to a closed-bottom for a handbag.

Honestly, I thought I’d faint at the site of these gorgeous push locks – they are as nice as any you’d find on a pricey Marc Jacobs bag. If you go to NYC, this place is a must-see. Allow yourself plenty of time to browse. Their telephone number is (212) 279-9310.


The little silver rings in plastic bags are screw in grommets – they are a nice size for both handbags and garments.


Aren’t these the prettiest strap connectors and clips? You won’t find anything like this at the chain stores!


I also found this really interesting ruched organza insert. I’d like to try to use it around the neckline of a knit top.


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Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan Dress

I know I’ve been promising to upload photos of my Cosmopolitan Dress for nearly two months and hear they are – finally! Honestly, I have to say that this is my very favorite new pattern of 2006. It is sophisticated, sexy, well drafted and quick and easy to sew. Without a doubt, it is the most flattering dress I have made in a looong time!

I literally whipped this up in a few hours on Thanksgiving day – just in time to wear to dinner! Because I was using a rayon/lycra knit (from Textile Studios) I made a straight 8 without any alterations except to the length.

The only other change I made was to the neckline. Instead of using the facings I opted for a quick-and-easy turned and stitched finish. I serged some lingerie elastic into the neckline and then used my blindstitch machine to secure it. I took the smallest bite possible with my needle for a neat, invisible finish that hugs my neckline.

On the pattern envelope, this dress looks like nothing more than a-line with a long belt. But, it has a beautiful inset waist and the long ties are sewn into the side seams – it is gorgeous!


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When it rains, it pours

Tigger had been my constant companion since 1997. He followed me everywhere, literally slept on top of me every night, never missed an opportunity to curl up on my lap and licked and nuzzled me when I was sad. Three years ago, we almost lost him to a severe case of kidney stones. He had surgery to allow him to pass the stones more easily and was doing great until a few months ago when he had another severe episode. I was so thrilled when he made another miraculous recovery. All was well until Wednesday morning. I took him to the animal hospital, they fixed him up and I brought him home. And I knew deep down inside that this was it.

Yesterday afternoon, my poor little Tigger’s body just gave out. His kidneys were shot, he was bleeding internally and his other organs were failing him. It was with great sadness and a heavy heart that I had to put him down. He was only 10 years old. Those of you who have pets know how hard it is to say goodbye to a special furry friend.


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