On hiatus

Hello dear readers,
I am going through a very difficult personal time right now and need to take some time off. I hope you understand. I may pop up now and again on TheSewingDivas – must keep up my end you see. :-)

Since so many of you have asked, it looks like my son’s liver problems are clearing up and he does not have hepatitis – thank heavens! The doctor feels that he had viral mononucleosis which was not caught at the student health center in Tallahassee. We are thankful that he is feeling much better and will soon be his old self. Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes.

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24 responses to “On hiatus

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Gigi,
    So glad to hear your son doesn’t have Hepatitus.My son was diagnosed with Mono last year when he was at college. Luckily they’re back to their old selves before you know it but they have to watch out not to run themselves down.It’s hard to make them take time to rest after they’re feeling better. Hopefully your son will be feeling good as new in no time.

  2. Take care, get plenty of rest and be well. You’ve got scores of people out here wishing you well – many who you have cheered through their difficult times.


  3. Gigi, you know we love you. Take all the time you need. And if your industrials need any exercise, just call me and I’ll be happy to come down and put them through their paces, dear! :p

  4. Sorry to hear your son was sick but glad to know it was not hepatitis. I am sure he will get better soon.

    Family should always come first. So take care of your son and of course yourself.

  5. Glad your son will eventually get his strength back and that you’re taking time for yourself. You deserve it after so many years of cheerful giving to others. anything I/we can do for you, just say the word!!!
    many best wishes winging your way.

  6. Anonymous

    Gigi – my prayers and best wishes go out to you, your son, and your family. I had mono as a teenager; it’s no fun. Your son is lucky to have you. Take care of yourself too. We’ll all be here when you get back.

    Warmest wishes, Claire (aka rosephreak)

  7. Take care Gigi. Family and friends are the most important thing we’ve got.

  8. Anonymous


    take care…


  9. Anonymous

    Wishing you and your family a return to good health and happy times. Take each day as it comes and don’t worry about things you can’t control.

  10. Take care of yourself and your son! We’ll still be here when you’re ready to post again. It’s something to be thankful for that it’s not hepatitis!

  11. Jules/Vancouver

    Sorry to hear your son has been unwell – but glad to hear its not hepatitis…

    take care of yourself too!

  12. We’ll miss you but family always comes first. Glad to hear your son will be okay. My prayers are with you as you go take care of your personal issues. Take care. – Sharon

  13. Gigi, divahood is not conferred lightly. Hang in there with all of your divatude, you will continue to receive love and devotion from all your friends who can’t be there personally with you now. You have helped so many, so unstintingly, now is the time to focus on what you need.

  14. Karla

    What a bummer. Freshman year requires enough adjustments without tossing in an energy-sapping illness. Hope everything is back to normal very soon. Tell J. we’re thinking of him!

  15. Gigi,
    take all the time you need to regain your strength and divaesque juices :) You know, that you are in our hearts and thoughts!
    I’m sending you 1000 positive vibes!!! And I wish every good thing for your son, esp. good health. Great that it wasn’t Hepatitis and that everything will be fine!

  16. Glad to hear your son will be fine soon. Take care. We love you, dear. Best wishes!


  17. Abi

    Wishing all the very best at a time like this.

  18. Els

    Best wishes and its great to know that your son is feeling better.

  19. Gigi,

    We will miss your awesome blogs until you come back. I just signed up for Google/Blogger tonight so I could leave you a post here. I wish you the very best in feeling back to yourself! You are an inspiration to many of us. Glad to hear that your son is on the mend. If you have any pointers on the new LaRue bag I am sure many of us would be interested as you are able.

  20. Kay

    Take care…. Difficult times always pass.

  21. Anonymous

    I hope your son has a quick recovery. I am so glad to hear that it is not hepatitis. Your son needs you now more than anyone else. Enjoy this time with him as you help him get better. I will send positive healing energy thoughts to your son and you too!
    - LindaF from pattern, fabric and thread – oh My!

  22. Anonymous

    Hi Gigi,
    I just saw that you’re a Sagittarius too. Happy Birthday!
    Priscilla :O)

  23. Anonymous

    Gigi Hope things are getting settled in your life. I am a lurker on this list but miss your comments and your knowledge, that you so willingly share.

    Take care a new year is dawning.

  24. LIndaE

    I am glad to heard that you son is doing better. I am late in posting this I want to apologize for that I am a slow at keeping up with the BLOGS. Do take care of yourself and your family..

    Linda E.