Designer Bead Embroidery


Diva Phyllis and Diva Georgene have inspired me to add a little embellishment to some of my garments. Machine embroidery is my day job but I’m a bit lost when it comes to other embellishments like beading. I am a huge Kenneth King fan so it was only natural for me to order his brand-new beading book. Like everything Kenneth does, it is meticulous, thorough and loaded with wonderful beading patterns that seem a little less intimidating now. Best of all, this means I can build a bead stash once again! I used to do some bead weaving but purged my stash years ago – no time like the present to check out the local bead shops again.

This book is available for $16.47 from

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8 responses to “Designer Bead Embroidery

  1. This book is on my Christmas list – if I don’t get it, watch out Amazon on Dec. 26th.

  2. Thanks for bringing that book to my attention. I have been interested in trying a little beading myself and that looks like a must have book.

  3. Arghhhh! there goes more perfectly good money that could be used for something useful like food! Although having taken his embellishment course, he is a phenomenal instructor and breaks things down into very easily digested bits!

  4. *Gasp!*….I don’t think I can wait till Christmas – thanks Gigi!

  5. Margie

    Thanks for the “Heads Up”, Gigi. I love his work. My book should be here soon. Can’t wait.

  6. Hey Gigi,

    you want some beads?? Seriously… I don’t use the czechs much these days (mostly gemstone and silver)… how much do you need?


  7. fabulous! I’m going to send you Bonne Maries BFE icon (big fat enabler) for when you post things like that. very timely for me, as I was just reading my Jane Conlon book last night, and I forsee more embellishment in my future. Thanks for the heads-up

  8. Anonymous

    Got this book yesterday and everything you said about it is true. Visual eye candy and insptration for starting a bead stash.