Mit Glitz

A few years ago, a friend of mine had a Swiss girlfriend who looooved sparkle – everything had to be mit Glitz! Last weekend I was whipping up some new casual tops (I just cleaned out my closet and am in need!) and came across two sparkley iron ons that I had purchased at Ben Raymond’s a long time ago. Sometimes, I am inexplicably drawn to glittery things and so I bought these stars with no clue as to what I’d ever use them for.

No one could argue the fact that most knit tops don’t have a very long lifespan. This is not investment dressing, to be sure. I decided to live a little and pulled out my favorite pattern (out-of-print Kwik-Sew 2643), two gorgeous rayon/lycra fabrics (the green from and the beige from ) and heat-sealed those stars on before I could change my mind. You know what? I like them! Sometimes it’s fun to try something different.

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21 responses to “Mit Glitz

  1. I love that… I may have to try that on a t-shirt or two.

  2. Great job with the star! Love the look of the tops.

  3. Oooooh, I’m going to NYC on Friday. I’ll have to see if I can find any. What a great idea. And I just cleaned out my shirt drawer yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love this! Is the sparkle flat, or is is bumpy?

  5. Thank you guys! Kelly, the transfers are tiny little faceted nailheads so there is a lot of texture.

  6. fabulous! i love that pattern, too bad they discontinued it.

  7. sew it seams

    Oh very cute, Gigi! You might be starting a trend here with home sewers. :)

  8. These are so fun! Also, thanks for the fabric site links. I knew about EmmaOneSock, but not the other.

  9. “before you changed your mind”, hehehehe. Love the green one with the sleeve placement.

  10. Great tees. Love the green (my fav color) esp. with the sleeve glitz. An unexpected placement, very creative.

  11. Oh Wow Gigi these look great! I don’t know which one I like best but I agree with Debbie, the sleeve placement is very creative. I would have never thought to do that but it works really well.

  12. Oh I love the sleeve placement too! Very cute tops, Gigi.

  13. Abi

    Very clever embellishments

  14. Anonymous

    Those are really neat. A lot of sparkly stuff that I see on shirts seems tacky IMHO, but I think that those are fun and cute – very cool! I may have to try that sometime.


  15. Very cute! I love both of those. Too bad that pattern is OOP.

  16. What fun! I like them both, though I’m dying over that lovely, lovely hunter green. You did a great job of putting each star just where it should be on each of the different shirts.

  17. Bev

    I’ve played around with this a couple of times but only on very casual cotton tees to bum around in. I just never thought to try it on something I would wear to work! Fabulous tees….I love them both.

  18. Gigi – I really like that look, especially the sleeve placement. Looks fab. Love that t pattern too, maybe if we all whine enough KS will revive it?

  19. Very Studio 54…I love them both!

  20. Those look great! I like glitz!

  21. Let’s all hound Kwik-Sew to bring this pattern back! I’ll post a photo of the envelope front. I’m sure you will all agree that it’s just the BEST t-shirt pattern ever!